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Instructions for International students

Instructions for International Applicants

1. Instruction in this university is mainly given in Mandarin Chinese; applicants for undergraduate programs should be proficient in the Chinese language, particularly in speaking and listening.

2. Application for admission must include the following materials:

(1) Application for admission, please dowmload from: http://goo.gl/hHnfGV (including a statement of study plan written in Chinese or English).

(2) A photocopy of an appropriate diploma with a notarized Chinese or English translation. Those who will graduate later in the same academic year may submit a document attesting to their forthcoming graduation instead).

(3) A transcript in English with imprinted seal and signature of the applicant’s school.

(4) Two letters of recommendation in sealed envelopes (For applicants for undergraduate programs, one of the letters should be prepared by an instructor of Chinese language stating the applicant’s Chinese proficiency including reading, writing, listening, and speaking.)

(5) Health Form (including tests for HBsAg, Anti-HBs, HIV and Chest X-ray).

(6) A statement of financial support for study.

(7) A photocopy of passport or other equivalent supporting documents.

3. Any application matters not stipulated here will be at the Admission Committee's discretion.

※ Other documents may be required by certain departments or graduate schools; in this case, the applicant will be informed.