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Permission for Part-time Jobs

Permission for Part-time Jobs

◎ Foreign Student who have studied for two semesters or at a language program for one year, and having an excellent

   scholastic record, can work in Taiwan under one of the following circumstances:

1.Occurrence of a serious event that is deemed to have caused financial difficulty to the student, and that the student can provide evidence of such circumstances.

2.An acadenic research institution at the university requiring the services or assistance of the foreign student.

3.The student needs to take part in an off-campus internship related to his or her field of study.

● For foreign students with proficiency in a special language, the Ministry of Education may, on a case-by-case basis, give its approval for such students, following their enrollment, to take mployment as instructors at language institutes affiliated with universities, colleges, or junior colleges, or at language institutes affiliated with foreign cultural and educational organizations in Taiwan.

Application for a work permit

● Foreign students who want to work in Taiwan must hold a valid work permit. With the exception of summer and winter vacations, students with work permit may work a maximum of 20 hours per week for the duration that the work permit is valid. The maximum duration of a work permit for foreign students, overseas Chinese students, and ethnic Chinese students is 6 months. A new work permit can be applied after expiration.

●Students themselves can apply for work permits at the Division of Overseas Chinese and Foreign Students(DOCFS.) Each school can also apply for work permits collectively on behalf of the foreign students at the Council of Labor Affairs by mail.

   Application forms can be downloaded from the BEVT(Bureau of Employment and Vocational Training). A standard application usually takes 10 working days for a work permit to be issued. For other questions concerning work permit, please visit the BEVT website.